Delegate Urges Virginians To Vote Early, By Mail
Del. Tommy Wright

Del. Tommy Wright

We emphasized Absentee and Early voting in 2021 and were successful. Now, Virginia Republicans are working closely with Governor Youngkin, our Senate counterparts, Republican Party of Virginia, and the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) we’re all in.

Democrats pioneered this in other states and used it to incredible effect. Colorado and Oregon come to mind.

When they were in charge, Democrats set the stage for them to do the same thing here.

We’re spending millions to get Republicans to vote either by Absentee ballot, early in person, and of course, on Election Day.

Voting by mail is easy, and you can track your ballot the entire way to the ballot box.

Your ballot is secure inside an inner envelope, which is then secured inside an outer mailing envelope. No one can see how you voted or tamper with your ballot.

Everyone can vote by mail now. It’s not like before when you had to have an excuse. It’s wide open for any registered voter now.

Securing your vote is the key to holding the House and Republicans winning the Senate.

Part of this is to get those GOP and swing voters who support the Republican message who might otherwise skip this year to vote early. Absentee and early voting begins on Friday, September 22. Securing your vote means securing the House and flipping the Senate.

Republicans win on Election Day. It’s time for us to win the early vote, too.

In 2020 we saw the difference early voting makes. Republicans turned out in masse, and on Election Day, we were winning Falls Church City. That’s not normal.

But Democrats had worked to get all their voters to cast ballots early, including those who might not normally vote. The result was a blue wave.

If we can get all our voters to the polls – and not lose them to overtime, flat tires, sick kids, traffic jams, or the other emergencies that pop up – we will expand our majority in the House and win the Senate.

Blame Democrats: We still don’t have a budget agreement with Senate Democrats, but House negotiators have asked them repeatedly to return to Richmond to work on a deal. Nonetheless, the fundamentals have not changed, and Democrats remain a roadblock to real relief for hard working Virginia families.

There’s really no excuse for not having a state budget done by now.

Republicans keep bringing reasonable offers, and in reasonable time frames. Senate Democrats drag their feet.

There is simply no urgency on the Senate side, likely because so many members of that committee are not returning. Since nothing is in it for democratic members not returning, they officially don’t care about you anymore.

Democrats are dead set against providing significant, long-term tax relief. They want to spend more on all sorts of things, including a subsidy for cruises from Yorktown.

Businesses, schools, and local governments need the certainty that comes with an amended budget – and the resources that are being held up without it.

With more than $5 billion sitting in the treasury that can’t be spent or refunded until the General Assembly acts, it’s crazy to wait. Money in the bank above budgeted levels does no one any good.

There are billions of dollars for schools, police, and taxpayers. And no one gets anything until an agreement is reached.

Compromise can’t happen until everyone is back at the table. We hope Democrats will return to Richmond and work with us to provide a budget for the taxpayers of Virginia.

This cannot become standard practice. The longer it drags on, the more likely it becomes that someone will gain political advantage from it and be incentivized to do it again.

Virginians are some of the hardest working people in America. If Democrats will not work for Virginians, they should not be trusted with your vote. They should care about Virginia but instead they care about control. Voting Republican can save our commonwealth but praying to our Lord and Savior can save all of America.

I appreciate those who contact my office and hope you will continue to reach out when we can be of assistance. The best way to contact me is via email at or by calling 434.696.3061. You can also send mail to PO Box 1323, Victoria, Virginia 23974. Follow me on Facebook: Delegate Tommy Wright.

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